21 September

Atrium: Liverpool’s Newest Development


Binah’s exceptional skill and understanding of market trends has led to an expansive folio of high quality developments, resulting in exceptional community growth across Sydney. Our ambition is to help build lifestyles, and construct buildings that work to maintain and ensure capital growth.

One of Binah’s newest projects is Atrium, a luxe residential development set to be completed in early 2019. Atrium is built in Liverpool and aims to create an energetic but tranquil river city right off the Georges River Precinct. This is a fantastic opportunity for first home buyers, as well as investors, looking to put their name on a luxe property.

New capital growth for Liverpool

Liverpool is located in the south-west of Sydney’s CBD, but its distance doesn’t result in a lifeless city. The city has received significant government investment that has allowed for capital growth and developments, such as Atrium, to arise. With these investments, new employment opportunities and an evolving economy is set for Liverpool, and with that comes the need for a new cultural hub.

A historical settlement of Australia, Atrium predicts new growth and modernisation for the suburb, increasing accommodation and helping to maintain the infrastructure growth and capital advancements. Liverpool is amodern city with a wealth of history. Close to transport, rich in nature and educational growth, Liverpool’s infrastructure is set for exceptional capital growth. What this means is an incredible opportunity for investment, for new families and for first home buyers.

In consideration of the rapidly growing city, Binah has gone to all lengths to ensure that, as with all our projects, Atrium is on time, on budget and reflective of the design’s vision.

Modern apartments in a vibrant riverside hub

Atrium residential properties exude luxury design, with an open plan layout and modern amenities. Each apartment features an expansive kitchen designed for convenience and optimal storage, as well as a contemporary bathroom with the latest in sleek, streamline appliances. Modern as they come, these apartments ensure a completely customisable home, for the lover of eclectic details, for the contemporary minimalist, for the storage short family.

But the details don’t stop at the apartments. Surrounding each unit is its lavish communal areas, a rooftop oasis, tranquil outdoor areas and scenic views. Stepping out of Atrium opens your door to the expanding Liverpool hub, an enviable lifestyle. The River Precinct is your chance to experience a truly idyllic locale, visit wildlife, paddle board or simply stroll through the parkland. Future infrastructures are expected to include dining and cafés, retail spaces and creative spaces to elevate the vibrant riverfront hub. Your home is moments away from an endless array of entertainment opportunities, for families, couples and professionals.

Atrium is designed to reflect a sanctuary, offering tranquil living all at your doorstep. The boutique inspired design means ultimate privacy while its community terrace is designed for social communities to dine, unwind and host guests. It’s about what you make it.

The display suite relaunch

Binah is proud to relaunch Atrium’s display suite, offering potential buyers a sneak preview into the lifestyle and design that is planned for the project. Binah has worked closely on this project to ensure on-time developments. Liverpool’s capital growth will ensure a highly sought-after property, whether a long-term investment, a new home or a rental opportunity. Residents can experience Atrium long before the building is ready.

Atrium apartments are under construction and expected to be completed early 2019.If you are interested in investing in the Atrium, you can visit our display suite at 19 Atkinson Street, Liverpool. Binah are excited to see how our latest development helps Liverpool’s anticipated growth.