24 July

Celebrating the Success of Binah’s Market Leading Developments With the People Behind Them

As a group here at Binah, we have worked tirelessly over the past few years to raise the bar of property development, and bring to market a reliable leader that consistently delivers under budget and over expectation. Our dedicated team have not only successfully conceptualised industry leading designs, they have provided our clients with some of the markets most comprehensive end to end development and project management services.

From development application and approvals to construction certification design, marketing, sales and finance, right through to construction completion and handover, our incredible team are setting the standard for bespoke project management and tailored development solutions. As a family run business, integrity, honesty and commitment are at the very core of our values, both for our clients and for our team of staff, contractors, consultants and their families, who dedicate their time and energy to delivering outstanding results.

The past six months has seen Binah deliver some ground-breaking developments throughout Greater Western Sydney, and we’ve been proud to celebrate each remarkable feat with exclusive events attended by the Binah delivery team, their contractors and their site staff.


Cartwright Street

Hoxton Park

The first multi-level residential development delivered to the market since 2012, our 6 story Cartwright Street development in Hoxton Park was comprised of 14 contemporary, light filled units. Binah delivered expert design and construction for this development, with a total construction timeline of 12 months and construction value of $4.5 million. The project was a great success with the development value totalling $5.9 million and a gross realisation of $7 million.

(WEB) 153 Hoxton Park Road, Cartwright (1)

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Goulburn Point Apartments

Goulburn Street, Liverpool

Built in the private hospital precinct in Liverpool, the Goulburn Point Apartments is a stunning 9 story development featuring 38 architecturally designed units, underground parking and modern landscaped common outdoor areas. The development took just 13 months to complete with a construction value of $10 million and total development value of $14.6 million. Our team delivered outstanding results with the apartments reaching a gross realisation of $20.9 million.

Celebrating the completion of the development on the 23rd of February 2017, the project’s architect and real estate agents joined the Binah office staff and Goulburn site staff to preview the finished development and toast to a seamless collaboration.






Vogue Apartments

George and Lachlan Street, Liverpool

The Vogue Apartments developed on George and Lachlan Street in Liverpool encapsulates the industry leading talent delivered by the Binah team of designers, architects and builders. The modern 9 story development featured 83 designer apartments each featuring private balconies to optimise outdoor living and entertaining. In a true testament to Binah’s commitment to reliable, transparent services, this expansive development was delivered 2 months ahead of the contract program with a total construction timeline of only 15 months.

The Binah office staff and Vogue site staff were joined by the Vogue architect at the site on the 12th of May 2017 to celebrate one of the team’s greatest success. Achieving an incredible return, the Vogue Apartments started with a construction value of $22 million and total development value of $26.8 million, reaching a total gross realisation of $43.9 million.

Binah-Vogue_W2A5968 (1)



SAM_1952 (1)




The Fitzgerald

Liverpool Road, Strathfield

Making our debut into the Strathfield market in July, The Fitzgerald development on Liverpool Road is the first Binah project in the area. The sophisticated development showcased the talent of Binah’s exceptional design and architecture team. The 6 story development features 48 sleek apartments with crisp, contemporary interiors designed for modern living. Each apartment has been designed to take advantage of its individual aspect to maximise natural light, with the highly-detailed development having a construction timeline of just 16 months. The Binah team left no stone unturned and delivered the spectacular apartments on time with a construction value of $14.3 million, total development value of $21.5 million.

Marking a first for the company, the Binah office staff joined the Vogue site staff in the development on the 7th of July 2017 to celebrate the successful completion of the Strathfield debut. Sharing experiences and congratulations while viewing the exceptional development, the attendees were able to relax and enjoy the results of their hard work.

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With a list of upcoming developments on the cards, as a team Binah are excited to continue celebrating the success and innovation of their corporate, design and construction teams, and build on the profitable and rewarding relationships within our community as our services grow.