30 September

Do You Take Time and Ask


Taking time out of your day to talk with a mate.

We all do it! More times than we actually know!

How many times do we actually ask the question “R U OK?”.


I’ve got you thinking now, haven’t I?

Typically, conversations are revolved around things such as “How about that game on the weekend!” or “I enjoyed the movies and dinner with the family” or “The weather has been crazy lately!”

Behind those statements the real question stands “R U Ok?”

How many times have you stopped and asked this question? More to that point, how many times have you asked this question sincerely wanting to know the answer?


By now I should have got you really thinking.

September is a month dedicated for a non-profit organisation called R U OK?, where all individuals are inspired and empowered to connect with each other and support any struggling individuals.

The construction industry is a very manly industry in most trades. It’s an industry with a high rate of suicide and family break ups. However, changes can happen and it starts with asking YOU asking R U OK? Even while reading this blog, there is a work mate near you who is waiting for that question R U OK? to be asked. All too often the opportunity is passed by to ask R U OK? all too often we kick ourselves and say “I didn’t know.”, “I thought they were OK!”, “I didn’t know, he looked happy!”



Thank you” is a very powerful word and in most cases all you might hear back from the person is “Thank you, I’m fine.

In that moment you have made a very powerful impact. In that moment you have allowed that person to take a breath and potentially realize that someone cares enough to ask them “R U OK?

So, during this month you are encouraged to ask that question, “R U OK?” even if once but once, knowing that you ARE making a difference in that person’s life.

Potentially, one person then asks the question of another. Two people multiply to four, multiplying to eight, multiplying to sixteen and before you know it multiple lives have been impacted by that one question, “R U OK?

So in closing for today, I firstly thank you for taking the time to read this blog and always remember to ask R U OK?