18 September



R U OK? Day reminds us of the importance of checking in with our friends, family members and colleagues to see who might be struggling and lend a genuine ear to them. Taking time to have meaningful conversations when you notice someone is acting differently - and being able to recognise that there are some people who may be struggling in silence - are some of the most powerful skills you can have on the job. In fact, they can save lives.

Every year, roughly 190 Australians working in the construction industry take their own life, meaning we lose a construction worker every second day to suicide. To put that into perspective, construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than in a workplace accident. Our young workers are at greater risk too, being over two times more likely to take their own life than young Australian men in other industries.

Other research indicates that workers find it difficult to discuss feelings and emotions with colleagues at work, given that the nature of our work can make social support more difficult. In particular, pride was identified as an issue with many saying they had a problem being seen as ‘not manly’ for expressing how they were feeling.

This is why Binah Constructions feels, as a company, it’s so important to look after our workers the way we would family and have taken the time to explore just how we can help one another.

Binah Constructions and its project sites held an R U OK? Day morning tea to raise awareness among our business about the meaning and importance behind the day. We firmly believe that every conversation helps and hope that our team now feels the same way.

We used this morning tea as a time to help educate our workers on identifying the signs of someone who is struggling and how to approach and communicate with them. These conversations can change lives, and by continuing to educate our workers about mental health in the workplace, Binah is taking steps to ensure that we;

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our workers
  • Promote the support networks available in the community that can provide many forms of assistance
  • Make a real difference to employees who may be experiencing a tough time by knowing that they have the educated support of their peers

Binah Constructions was also lucky enough to have the support of the managing directors, who offered to double the dollar amount raised on the day. It’s a worthy cause, after all.

During the event, Binah’s staff and workers were able to reflect on how crucial it is to come together as a community and spend quality time together outside of the construction setting. It was an enjoyable and eye-opening experience for all. Thank you very much to all who was involved.