01 September

Welcome to the Binah Group

When it comes to building, having a strong foundation is critical. It’s with this philosophy Binah Group has come to be the multi-faceted enterprise it is today. After almost a decade spent establishing market leadership, forging enduring partnerships, and growing a team of expert tradesmen and executives, Binah Group has evolved from a small family run business into an industry leading organisation.

Relaunching as Binah Group in September 2017, we have steadily expanded our skills, team and offerings to build on our origins as a construction and formwork team. Transforming from Binah by Design, our evolved group has diversified and now incorporates five expert teams across Development, Construction, Property, Formwork and Procurement.

As owners and cousins, Amen and Khalil have instilled in their team integrity, honesty, transparency and collaboration, values that transcend into each and every project. Throughout the past nine years, our constantly growing team have worked hard to earn a reputation for efficient, reliable and results orientated service, with a recent spate of highly successful commercial and residential projects testament to their skill and dedication.


Concept to Completion: An Exercise in Collaboration

Over the past 12 months, Binah Group have enjoyed working with high profile commercial and residential clients, to complete a range of ground-breaking development projects throughout Sydney. Turning over land mark realisations, and delivering innovative property solutions designed to enhance the community, the success of our recent developments is the result of the Binah Group’s concept to completion approach.

Working with each of our five pillars, recent developments—including the Goulburn Point Apartments and Western Sydney University—illustrate the wide range of services and capabilities now offered within the Binah Group. From property acquisition, development approvals, design and construction, right through to completion and sales, our five teams now provide comprehensive end to end development services.

Each pillar operates both autonomously and within collaboration with other Binah teams to provide bespoke solutions tailored for each client and projects’ individual needs. Designed to allow maximum flexibility and accessibility for clients, our Binah Group team leaders work transparently to deliver scalable services for the whole community. Clients can now engage a single Binah team for help with a particular element of their project, for example construction only, or they can engage the entire group to deliver a turn-key development.




The development arm of Binah Group are paving the way in innovative development strategy and management. Comprised of a team of development managers, joint venture partners and investors, the development team draw on extensive expertise to conduct feasibility studies, site acquisitions and development applications.




Our construction team draw from years of experience, and were the foundation of Binah by Design. Now with an extensive team of experienced tradespeople and led by Construction Manager Gary Day, Binah Construction consistently deliver outstanding results on time and within budget.




Our property department are committed to excellence and provide leading services in sales strategy, project launches and marketing campaigns to ensure our clients get the exposure and results they need for a successful outcome.




The Binah Formwork team draws on expert knowledge in Strategic and FabquipJumpform systems, with both concrete placement teams and steel fixing teams working together to provide systems designed to increase efficiency.




The Binah Procurement team utilise Australian and international trade supply links to create efficient, tailored solutions and ensure that each individual project is a success.


Working to Create Communities

With the open communication and commitment to excellence, these five teams come together to nurture rewarding relationships within communities across Sydney. With our home base in South Western Sydney, our Binah Group family are passionate about enhancing the quality of life of Sydney residents, and working together with key private and public stake holders to build strong communities.

Currently completing construction on Western Sydney University, the Binah teams worked tirelessly to deliver an excellent result, both in the final product and the rewarding relationships created within the Western Sydney community.

Looking to the future, as a group we endeavour to build on these valued partnerships to continue growing and collaborating with key investors in the development and building of our own projects, while diversifying into other industry sectors including commercial, industrial, retail and aged care.

As we move forward as a united group, the Binah family welcome new partnerships, challenges and opportunities and are excited to be continuing to add exceptional talent to our team to provide even better services to all our current and future clients.

We welcome you to explore our new website, get to know our five fantastic teams, and join our ever-growing family here at Binah Group.